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If you have a website, you are welcome to use our reviews and scans of winning book covers. In return, we ask for a link to our home page. The following information & images may be helpful when designing web pages.




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In return for a link to the NOBA site, webmasters are welcome to use our reviews and cover scans on their own sites. 

NOBA Winners in Affiliate Programs... 

A number of websites—large and small—have taken advantage of this offer, featuring NOBA winners and selling winning books through cooperative affiliate programs offered by Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, and others.

We do not participate in Affiliate Programs.  We leave that to you...

Other than providing links to the publisher's (or author's website), we purposely do not link books from the NOBA website to Internet bookstores.  We do this for two reasons.  The first reason is that we are a non-profit organization devoted primarly to providing educational services.  And secondly, we believe that our public educational mission is enhanced when other websites carry information on winning books.

Media Mailing List...

If you decide to feature one or more winning books on your site, we encourage you to get on our media email list.  Our email list is confidential and not shared with any other sources.  We send out only two press releases per year.  One release announces the opening of nominations for the new year's program—and the other announces the winners .  To get on the mailing list, send an email to NOBA chair Ron Watters at wattron@isu.edu.

Information Available...

Links to reviews and cover scans of winning books are found on the NOBA home page.  Downloadable press releases and high resolution scans can be accessed from the Media Information Page.

Link to Us...

Reviews and cover scans are available to you, but we do ask that you link to our website.  When linking to the National Outdoor Book Award site, use this URL address: http://www.noba-web.org

Art Work Available to you...

Additionally, you are welcome to use the following NOBA art work on your site. 

(Note that the NOBA Medallion design, our logo and other art work are copyrighted.  Websites may use these materials as long as you provide a link to our page. )

Note: To copy the images, right click and select "Save Image."

NOBA Winning Medallion

NOBA Winner's MedallionNOBA Winner's MedallionNOBA Winner's MedallionNOBA Winner's MedallionNOBA Winner's Medallion


NOBA Generic

NOBA MedallionNOBA MedallionNOBA MedallionNOBAMedallionNOBA Medallion





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