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Note to readers, authors and media representatives:  We'd like to hear when National Outdoor Book Award winners are featured in the media or on the internet.  If you see something--or if you are planning to feature a book in your publication or web page, drop us an e-mail. We'll include a note here and on our Facebook page.


After winning a NOBA, Grandma Gatewood's Walk by Ben Montgomery has gone on to become a New York Times Bestseller. Recently, the Times featured Emma Gatewood, the subject of Montgomery's book, as part of their "Overlooked No More" series.

Helen Macdonald's H Is for Hawk reached international best-selling status. PBS aired a Nature film about Macdonald's work with goshawks. Additionally, the film rights for the book have been acquired by actress Lena Headey who stars in the television series “Game of Thrones”.

The media was quick to publish news of the 2016 Awards. The day the awards were announced the Bangor Daily News (Bangor, Maine) ran a story on Hiking Acadia National Park.

President Obama included a NOBA winner in his summer reading list. The book? H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald. Macdonald was an awardee in the Natural History Literature category of the 2015 Awards. 

The Library Journal pointed to the National Outdoor Book Awards as an important factor in the increasing interest in Kim Heacox's novel Jimmy Bluefeather. "The [NOBA] judges," Wilda Williams wrote, "cited this tale about a 95-year-old Tinglit native who embarks on a final canoe trip with his grandson for its masterly portrayal of the real Alaska and its memorable protagonist, old Keb." Since the book received the NOBA, Jimmy Bluefeather has received a number of glowing reviews and Heacox has been interviewed on NPR.

The American Alpine Club Library is featuring winners of the National Outdoor Book Awards. Visit their Facebook page for historical photos and interesting snippets of information on American mountaineering: https://www.facebook.com/AACLibrary.

After winning a National Outdoor Book Award in 2012, The Ledge has seen its sales steadily rise. In early 2016, The New York Times included it among its updated list of bestselling sports books

The Associated Press (AP) Western Wire Service distributed a story about the National Outdoor Book Awards.  Their intention is to follow up with yearly information on the winners. 

CNN Headline News ran the titles of some of the National Outdoor Book Award winners on the crawler across the bottom of the screen. 

Illinois Wesleyan University Library has established a special "honors" reading room with a distinctive collection of the books.  The books selected for the collection come from the winners of eleven book award programs including the National Outdoor Book Awards.

The ESPN Website featured NOBA winners in the centerpiece location on their web site.  The ESPN article entitled "Read any good outdoor books lately?" highlighted several books--and included cover scans and a list of all winners. 

Outdoor Retailer, a major periodical for the outdoor trade, ran a detailed story on the award program shortly after the awards were announced this year.

A recent mention of National Outdoor Book Award winners came from an unlikely corner.  Vogue Magazine contacted NOBA for an article they prepared on women outdoor adventure writers.

As a part of our public education program, we have begun working with retailers and libraries to showcase National Outdoor Book Award (NOBA) winners.   To assist in these efforts, sometime in the future we hope to develop and distribute free NOBA display kits.  The early results have been very promising.  One of NOBA committee members, Susanne Dubrouillet, has been working with Barnes and Noble in the midwest and reports:  "Since the books have been displayed, Barnes and Noble cannot keep enough of the award winners in stock! They have thanked us for sharing our list with them and will be very willing to help us any time in the future."

The Library Journal, one of the major journals of professional librarians, is now listing NOBA winners.

Each year, all books entered in the National Outdoor Book Awards are displayed at the International Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Education (ICORE).  ICORE is the most important conference for American and Canadian educators and professionals working for schools, universities, and other non-profit outdoor education programs.  Over the last couple of years, the NOBA display has become one of the highlights of the conference.  Since all the entries are displayed--not just the winners--teachers, instructors and professors use the annual display to keep themselves informed about new books and recent work in the field. 

We're delighted that more and more websites are linking to the National Outdoor Book Awards website.  An abbreviated list include J.M. Lore's extensive Literature-Awards.com; Overbook, a site which specializes in literary and genre fiction information; U.S. Department of the Interior(Reference Source List); Outoor Nature Hut; Thoreau Society and Walden.org; Boy Scouts of America; Links for Book Lovers (Boston Athenaeum); Iowa Outdoors; Learning Treasures; Adventure Sports; Outdoor-resources.com; Reality News; Adventure-Billboard.com; Roger Greenaway's Online Guide to Resources for Dynamic Learning; Student's Home Page; Award Web; Bookzone and others.  NOBA is also linked from a variety of on-line colleges, and university and public libraries. 

The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, an organization comprised of outdoor educators from colleges, universities, military programs and other non-profit programs, is now running a regular column in their quarterly newsletter featuring reviews of National Outdoor Book Award winners. 

A special thanks to Angie Hoke who runs the popular Book Group List website.  Angie's site serves an important literary function on the Internet, helping readers find good reading material from the mountain of books published each year.  Included among her recommended reading lists are NOBA winners. 

Outfitter Magazine known for its in depth reporting on the outdoor industry has been covering the National Outdoor Book Awards for the last four years.  Their coverage includes reviews and cover photographs. 

Among the many media sources which feature National Outdoor Book Award winners, we'd like to recognize OutdoorEd for their early and continuing support of the awards program.

NOBA winning books, cover scans, and reviews are now listed on both Borders, and Barnes and Noble Internet websites.  And the American Hiking Society includes a page on their website which includes scans and reviews of National Outdoor Book Award winners. 

Among the many newspapers that cover the winners of the National Outdoor Book Awards, we particularly want to recognized the Portland Press Herald of Portland, Maine and the Idaho Statesman of Boise, Idaho.  Both papers have run pre-Christmas full-page specials on the winners and included color photographs of book covers. 

Backpacker Magazine featured Don Gayton's Landscapes of the InteriorGayton's work was among four books that reviewer Chris Jensen suggested for the well-read backpacker.  Jensen wrote that Landscapes, the winner of the literature category of the National Outdoor Book Awards, was a collection of "thought provoking essays . . . probing the relationship between humans and their natural surroundings."  The three other books recommended by Jensen were Encounters with an Archdruid by John McPhee, Stickeen by John Muir, and The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. 



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